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Addictness to~ TaeTiseo
Lee Donghae
I'm a fan of Girl's Generation for almost 3 years already and I never thought SM will come up with a SUBGROUP just like what they did to SUPER JUNIOR. It's been almost 3 weeks (if i'm not mistaken) since TTS debuted alongside with their song TWINKLE. I am the one of those people who waited until midnight because SM announced that they will release the MV April 30, 0:00 KST and Thank God, It was uploaded late afternoon. Anyway, when it was still an audio and I had no idea what will be the MV was, I really like it a lot. ^^ It sounds fresh to me though honestly when I searched the translation of the lyrics it was just "YEAH I AM PRETTY, I TWINKLE!" blah.. blah.. blah.. like just other KPOP songs. ^^ [if you are a KPOP FAN you will agree with me when I say, I LIKE KPOP THE WAY IT SOUNDS and not what the LYRICS says!].. oh so much of that.. back to TTS..^^ TaeTiSeo gives me a new feeling. I almost gave up being a GG fan after THE BOYS coz I don't like the song, I don't know why.. unlike with their past songs like Genie, Gee etc:(.. Thanks they came back with a new mode and that is to have subgroup. TAEYEON-TIFFANY-SEOHYUN are perfect TRIO! Their voices are so much with power especially TAE..^^

They also released mini album with 7 songs:
Track List:
01 Twinkle
02 Baby Steps
03 OMG (Oh My God)
04 Library
05 안녕 (Good-bye, Hello)
06 처음이었죠 (Love Sick)
07 체크메이트 (Checkmate)

I love Twinkle and Good-bye,Hello...^^


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